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Microsoft has officially announced the release date of Windows 98 as June 25, 1998.

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Recent additions to this index have their dates in white, while older reviews are in light grey. An Featureicon to the right of the listing signifies that the review is part of a feature secton.

Hardware Listing

Diamond FireGl 1000 Pro 8mb PCI  [04/15/97] Feature
Diamond Stealth II S220 4mb PCI  [04/15/97] Feature
Diamond Viper V330 4mb PCI  [04/15/97] Feature
ELSA Victory Erazor 4mb PCI  [04/15/97] Feature
ELSA Winner 2000/Office 8mb PCI  [04/15/97] Feature
Intergraph Intense 3D Voodoo 6mb PCI  [04/15/97] Feature
STB Velocity 128 4mb PCI  [04/15/97] Feature

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