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April 15th, 1998

If you�ve been shopping for a new video board, you�ve undoubtedly seen many advertisements, read lots of spec sheets and heard different opinions. But what are they really like? Are they fast enough? Is now the time to get an integrated 2D/3D video board?

Yes! Here at Sunstorm�s Technical Reviews we�ve put seven hot boards through their paces to help you pick the perfect video card. Whether you want high resolutions and fast refresh rates, top 3D performance, or an economical board to get you going, there�s a great card for you.

We reviewed three nVidia Riva128 boards, two 3D Labs Permedia2 boards, one 3Dfx Voodoo rush board and one Rendition V2100 based board. Each board was graded in terms of hardware quality, features, performance, driver stability and software bundle. We benchmarked each board in ZD Lab�s 3D Graphic WinMark 98, Winstone 98, 2D Graphics WinMark 98, Quake for DOS, Quake II and Jedi Knight, in addition to a few others. For the complete details, pick a page from the Table of Contents at the top right.

Product Reviews

Diamond FireGL 1000 Pro 8mb SGRAM PCI

Diamond Stealth II S220 4mb SGRAM PCI

Diamond Viper V330 4mb SGRAM PCI

ELSA Victory Erazor 4mb SGRAM PCI

ELSA Winner 2000/Office 8mb SGRAM PCI

Intergraph Intense 3D Voodoo 6mb EDO PCI

STB Velocity 128 4mb SGRAM PCI

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