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The Dig by LucasArts


 Walkthrough by Ian Ng Wai
 Walkthrough by Paul Greunke

This page contains help on what I consider to be the toughest parts in the game. Scroll down to see common questions and answers, or select from one of the complete walkthroughs available on the right.

  • How do I get the lens into place at the power plant?
  • How do I get to the underwater cave?
  • Where is the Blue Crystal?
  • How do I get the Light Bridges to work?
  • How do I get the machine part?
  • What do I do in the Planetarium?
  • What do I do in the Map Room?
  • Help! Maggie has been captured! How do I save her?
  • How do I get the lens into place at the power plant?

    How do I get to the underwater cave?
    Completed Bones
    • The undersea monster seems to have a taste for turtles.
    • Maybe you could put a little spice in his food.
    • There is a fresh pile of bones about... how about a life crystal?
    • You have to put the bones in their proper places to bring the turtle back.
    • To the left is a picture of a sea turtle with all the bones in the correct places. NOTE: Many peices will need to be rotated. In the PC version of the game, use the right mouse button, in the Mac version use the TAB key.
    • Add the alien explosive found the the crystal room to the turtle, then bring it back to life.
    Where is the Blue Crystal? The Location of the Blue Crystal.
    • It's in the power room.
    • Look for a loose panel.
    • In the center of the ramp you came down, there's a loose panel. Remove it and take the Blue Crystal. Don't worry if the lights go out!
    How do I get the Light Bridges to work?
    • They just need a little adjustment.
    • Hold the button down instead of just pushing it.
    • Adjust the lens until the bridge forms.

    • One of the bridges needs a little more work.
    • You have to adjust the equipment inside the panel.
    • Get the beams of light to hit the smaller crystals.
    • Click on the "Source" 3 times, on the Bottom Prism 3 times, on the Top Right Prism 1 time and on the Top Left Prism 4 times.
    How do I get the machine part?
    • That little critter stole it.
    • Maybe if you could trap him... but he's fast.
    • There are parts laying around that could build a trap.
    • Try using the wooden frame, the pole, the rib cage, the dowel and the rod.
    • Use the dowel in the hole in the wood frame. Then click on the pole. Click on it again. Use the pole with the dowel in the frame. Use the rib cage on the hook. Use the rod with the cage.

    • Now to catch him... you don't have any bait.
    • Maybe you could shepherd him into the trap.
    • Scare the critter out of the upper right hole. He should run between the trap and the wood frame.
    • Careful not to get too close, walk around the bottom of the frame (below the critter) and then walk on the upper path towards the critter. You'll scare him into the trap.

    • You have to use the critter to track where the machine part is.
    • You have a locater on you.
    • Use the bracelet on the critter, then let him go.
    • Use the shovel on the cave closest to the clearing.
    • Use the Device to find where the bracelet is.
    • Use the shovel on that spot and you'll find the machine part you need.
    What do I do in the Planetarium?
    • You could move some planets around.
    • Get the twin sceptors and use the gold scepter with the faint light.
    • Click the gold scepter on the Planet at the 2 o'clock position. Then click the silver scepter on the large moon at the 7 o'clock position.
    • Now things are properly aligned...
    What do I do in the Map Room? Picture of the Panel in the Map Room.
    • Well... maybe you could look at some maps.
    • The panel seems to accept the same codes as are on the rods.
    • Enter the shapes on the rods into the panel. It will show you interesting things.
    • The rod that corresponds to the tomb spire will show you a secret room in the tomb.
    Help! Maggie has been captured! How do I save her?
    • Go to the creature's nest. Start off at the map room, go to the pit and walk all the way left to the nest opening.
    • You'll have to distract and then get rid of the monster.
    • Talk to Brink and get him to distract it.
    • There's a waterfall above this cave... and the grate seems wet.
    • Walk all the way right to the door and go to the top of the water fall. Push the rock and it will divert the river into the tunnel that feeds the grate near where Maggie's trapped.
    • Go back to the nest and talk to Brink about the grate. He will direct the spider closer to the grate, and then Maggie will unclog it, causing a tidal wave to wash the spider away. CEO

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