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SUNSTORM SYSTEMS. When you're looking for the absolute best, think of our name. We are a Canadian technology company that delivers high quality, personalized solutions for your computing and media production needs.

STRATIS Multimedia Computer Systems.

Quality. Value. Two words that don't often go together in the computer industry. Most quality systems are expensive, while value priced computers have less than top-flite components. That's where Sunstorm breaks the mold. Our STRATIS line of custom computers are second to none in both quality components and value pricing.

So what makes the difference? Our attention to detail. Before designing your system from scratch, we find out exactly what you want - and need. We then use only high-end components from reputable brand names, assuring you of peak performance, compatibility and future upgradablility.

So, why spend more for a brand name on the outside when you can own superior quality components on the inside for less? Contact our sales department to arrange a quote for your perfect PC.

What Sunstorm Systems Can Do For You.
Graphic arts: full service studio includes logo design and other 2D artwork creation.

Desktop publishing: high impact designs for a wide range of applications including newspaper advertisements, marketing brochures and Adobe Acrobat PDF creation.

Photography: professional high-resolution product shots that won't cost an arm and a leg.

Video production: HDTV quality filming and non-liner editing facilities for your next small production.

Website design: sites that exceed your expectations. We can incorporate professionaly written text, scanned images and stunning original artwork - all while using the latest development techniques.

With Sunstorm your media will stand out from the crowd! For more information on how we can help you, please contact our sales department.

Sunstorm is located in Markham, Ontario, Canada.

Sunstorm Systems
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