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Escape From Monkey Island by LucasArts

That's right! LucasArts has finally announced the fourth game in their Monkey Island adventure game series. Escape from Monkey Island follows the successful and critically acclaimed The Curse of Monkey Island, plus the benchmark Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge and original The Secret of Monkey Island. While few details are yet available, below is LucasArt's press release along with six screenshots. CEO

Internationally-Acclaimed Adventure Series Returns in 3D with Fresh Jokes, Rotten Puns, the Ultimate Insult and More Monkeys Than Ever

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. -- April 26, 2000 -- A scurvy-inducing new chapter in the legendary Monkey Island adventure series unfolds in rollicking 3D with Escape from Monkey Island from LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC. Expected for release in fall 2000 for PC, Escape from Monkey Island finds series hero, perennial pirate-wannabe Guybrush Threepwood, returning to face sociopathic parrots, freakishly deformed buccaneers, and an insult flinging original villain with a sinister agenda.

Escape from Monkey Island continues in the hilarious tradition of its critically hailed and award-winning predecessors, The Secret of Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2: Le Chuckís Revenge, and The Curse of Monkey Island. Developed by the team who created LucasArtsí irreverent classic Sam and Max Hit the Road, Escape features an original cinematic story full of drama, intrigue and of course, side-splitting humor. The game is highlighted by hundreds of challenging puzzles, set amidst dozens of rich and brilliantly rendered backgrounds.

"The Monkey Island series of graphic adventures is one of LucasArtsí strongest and most successful brands," says Tom Byron, product marketing manager for LucasArts. "Escape from Monkey Island continues LucasArtsí considerable adventure game legacy and honors a series that is among the most popular in the world."

Escape from Monkey Island finds Guybrush and his new bride, Governor Elaine Marley-Threepwood, returning to Melee Island from their honeymoon. They quickly discover Elaine has been declared dead, the Governorís mansion is scheduled for demolition, and the slick, yet hauntingly familiar politician, Charles L. Charles, is gunning for her job.

While Elaine scrambles to launch a reelection campaign, Guybrush is dispatched on a seemingly trivial legal errand that catapults him into a maelstrom of thievery, voodoo, and experimental prosthetic devices. Armed only with his sharp wit and an uncanny ability to hold his breath for ten whole minutes, our hero navigates ever deeper into a villainous scheme to wipe out the Tri-Island Area using the fearsome power of the Ultimate Insult. Can Guybrush make the Caribbean safe for fun-loving, grog-swilling pirates, or will the twin forces of heckfire and unbridled capitalism bring an end to the swashbuckling merriment?

So begins the next captivating chapter in the long-running Monkey Island series. Buccaneers, hoist the yardarms, batten down the hatches, and let the insults fly!

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