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Infoseek features "Extra Search Precision" (E.S.P.).
> Most users routinely use one or two word searches to find information on common topics. E.S.P. is designed to anticipate your needs and provide the context necessary to deliver the best results.


Infoseek is an excellent index that offers some of the best organized and most comprehensive searches available. Their Ultrasmart directory is a listing of sites ordered under different catagories. In addition to over 50 million URLs, they also offer newsgroups, email addresses, a wide variety of FAQs, company profiles, News Wire and Premier News services and the ability to search strictly for links, sites, URLs and document titles.

Infoseek is one of the few indices that allows natural language queries -- simply type in a question or phrases and get good results. Or, use accented characters in words like rèsumè and you'll get better results.

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Documents: 50,000,000
Usenet: Yes
Sponsor: Infoseek Corp.
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