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The Amazing Internet Guide

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About the Guide!
New users and experienced gurus agree: the Guide is the only search site you need to bookmark. We provide access to twenty of the web's best indexes, and unlike other "meta" sites which require all options to be left on the default settings, the Guide is designed so that a complete set of options is available to custom tailor each search. Don't need all the options? Don't worry! They're already optimized to provide you with the best results.

The Guide first opened on April 12, 1996.

Use this logo to link to us:

Click here to search the web!
Click here to search the web!

Attention! Internet Explorer users - make us your default search site! Simply download this file and select "open" when prompted.

Complete Instructions!
The Amazing Internet Guide is simple to use. The first step is to select an index from the list on the bar to the left. You can simply start at the top of the list and work your way down, or you may want to select your favorite.

Next, fill out the form by entering in the keyword(s) you want to search for in the dialogue box and change the options to suit your needs. If you are unsure what some of the options do, simply leave them in their default positions. Click on the "Reset" button if you want to clear the dialogue box and return all options to their defaults.

The last step is to press the "Submit" button or ENTER. This will send your query off to the selected index. You should receive an answer back quickly, but please be patient as some indexes are bogged down. If you receive an error message please check our troubleshooting document for possible causes and work arounds.

What's New!
[June 14, 1999] - Everything has been checked and verified as working.

Do you know of a great Web-based Internet index that we don't have? Send us the address and we'll check it out! If we add it to our list we'll respond to your email to let you know.

Please note, we only accept indices that search web sites or usenet groups. Also, we cannot submit your sites to the indices on this page. We have provided, however, a link to each site's registration page.

Index Features!

Name Features
AliWeb Web Sites
Alta Vista Web Sites, Usenet
Deja News Usenet
Excite Web Sites, Usenet, News
Galaxy Web Sites, Reviews, Telnet, Gopher
GoTo Web Sites
HotBot Web Sites, Media Files
Infoseek Web Sites, Companies, News, Usenet
Jump City Web Sites
LinkMaster Web Sites, Media Files
LookSmart Web Sites, Catagorized Sites
Lycos Web Sites, Reviews, Usenet, Cities, Books, News, Recipies, Stocks, Weather, Media Files
Magellan Web Sites, Reviews
Northern Light Web Sites, Special Sources
OneKey Reviews
Planet Search Web Sites
Searchopolis Web Sites
Snap Web Sites, Catagorized Sites, Media Files
Webcrawler Web Sites
Yahoo Catagorized Sites

Description of features:

If you are receiving an error when you query an index, check this list for a possible solution:

  1. The keyword(s) you entered could not be found.
    Try another index with your keyword(s).
  2. The index you queried was down.
    Select another index to use your keyword(s) with.
  3. The index you queried changed the format with which it receives requests. Try another index.
  4. Another unforseen problem has occurred.
    If it happens consistently, email us with the problem. Please include any error messages that appear.


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