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Search Tips

A wealth of options.
> Hotbot provides the most options of any index. Most are self explanitory, and will help you narrow your search and allow you to find the best results.

Search for names.
> Searching for John Doe will also search for references to Doe, John, and will correctly match cases where a middle initial is present as in John Q. Doe.

Search for grammatical variances.
> By enabling Word Stemming HotBot will seatch for any variations of your search term. For instance, the word thought will also find think and thinking. Find occurances of a URL.
> will return all documents that link to Microsoft.

Limit results to a particular domain or country.
> By using the Return only pages in... option you can limit your results to a continent, a top-level domain (.com, .edu), a website ( or a country (.jp, .uk).


HotWired and Inktomi have joined forces to bring you the latest (and largest) index for searching the Internet, HotBot. Using the Network of Workstations (NOW) technology first developed at the University of California Berkley, HotBot replaces the prototype Inktomi index.

Offering more powerful options than you can shake a stick at, HotBot allows you to search for for different media types, documents that have been updated since a certain date and by physical server location. No other search site can match Hotbot's aptitude for advanced searches.

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