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> There's no specific method to entering search terms. Simply type what you're looking for and press submit.

Advertised results.
> The more a company pays for a spot on GoTo, the higher they are on any given result. Typically, the first few results will have payed to be at the top for the key words entered, and are most likely the closest match to your query.

Description is a new type of search engine that bases the order of it's results according to a competitive bidding process that matches the desire of users to find sites that meet their expectations with the desire of advertisers to reach users who are interested in specific topics. Basically, the more a "buggy whip" company pays the higher they are on the search results for buggy whip.

It may sound strange, but it's very simular in concept to the yellow pages where companies pay for larger ads to stand out from their competitors. This index is based on the old World Wide Web Worm engine created by Oliver McBryan.

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