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Alta Vista

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You can look for a specific phrase by placing it in quotes.
> baseball "toronto blue jays"

Check your case.
> Searches using uncapitalized keywords are always case-insensitive (paris = Paris, PARIS, and PaRiS, while keywords with capitalization are always case-sensitive.

You can require or prohibit words by using + and -
> movie +disney -cartoon

Search only specific elements.
> Identify the element and then the subject you want to search (newsgroups:comp.misc or

Choose your language!
> Select the desired language to search in from the pull-down. (Defaults to any language.


Alta Vista is one of the largest indices in existance, containing millions of pages and thousands of current newsgroups. It's search language allows you to narrow your results down to best like no other index can, so if you're looking for something obscure that the other indices are missing altogether this is the one to use.

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