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SiN by Ritual Software

Cheat Codes
Enter the following codes in the console (access it by pressing ~ while in gameplay mode).

superfuzzGod mode, which makes you invulnerable.
health 999Gives full health points.
wussGives you all weapons plus full ammo.
nocollisionToggles clipping (walk-through-walls) mode.
wallflowerMakes you invisible to enemies, so they don't shoot at you.
spawn speargunGives the Speargun.
spawn magnumGives the Magnum.
spawn shotgunGives the Shotgun.
spawn assaultrifleGives the Assault Rifle.
spawn chaingunGives the Chaingun.
spawn spiderminesGives Spider Mines.
spawn rocketlauncherGives the Rocket Launcher.
spawn pulserifleGives the Pulse Rifle.
spawn plasmaGives the Plasma Cannon.
spawn assaultrifleGives the Assault Rifle.
spawn quantumGives the Quantum Destabilizer.
spawn sniperrifleGives the Sniper Rifle.
spawn heligunGives the massive gun from the Helicopter. Bind it to a key for access (bind (key) "use heligun").
give thrallgunGives the secret Thrallgun. Bind it to a key for access (bind (key) "use thrallgun").
spawn bluecardGives the Blue Access Card.
spawn greencardGives the Green Access Card.
spawn orangecardGives the Orange Access Card.
spawn yellowcardGives the Yellow Access Card.
spawn adrenalineGives Adrenaline.
spawn appleGives an apple for health.
spawn blueprintsBlueprints from the construction site.
spawn chemsuitChemical protection suit.
spawn coinA quarter.
spawn cookiesGives a package of cookies for health.
spawn evidencePapers with incriminating evidence.
spawn glowstickGives a glowstick - handy for dark quarters.
spawn healthGives a healthpack.
spawn keyringA small key.
spawn moneybagA bag of cash from the bank robbery.
spawn pulsepart1Part 1 of the Pulse Rifle.
spawn pulsepart2Part 2 of the Pulse Rifle.
spawn pulsepart3Part 3 of the Pulse Rifle.
spawn reactiveshieldsGives the Reactive Shield.
spawn rocketsGives Rockets.
spawn silencerGives the Silencer for the standard gun.
spawn u4sampleThe U4 sample from the chemplant.

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