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Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit by Electronic Arts

Cheat Codes
Enter the following codes on one of the menus (you'll hear a swish sound if the code worked):

bullhornAdds additional cop dialogue ("Pull over!") when they chase you, like the Playstation version.
carsGives you all bonus cars.
elninoRace with the El Nino bonus car.
empireLets you race on the Empire City bonus track.
gofastMakes your car go really fast in Single Race mode.
jagRace with the Jaguar Sport XJR-15 bonus car.
newcarsBonus police cars.
mercRace with the Mercedes CLK bonus car.
rushhourRace with lots of extra traffic on the road.
testdriveRace with a Mercedes.

Drive non-player cars:
Type the cheats below then click RACE:

go01Mazda Miata
go02Toyota Landcruiser
go03Cargo Truck
go04BMW "5" Series
go05'71 Plymouth Cuda
go06Ford Pickup with Camper Shell
go07Jeep Cherokee
go08Ford Fullsized Van
go09'64/'65 Ford Mustang
go10'66 Chevy Pickup
go11Land Rover Discovery
go12School Bus
go13Caprice Classic Taxi
go14Chevy Cargo Van
go15Volvo Station Wagon
go16Audi A6 Sedan
go17Crown Victoria Police Car
go18Mitsubishi Eclipse Police Car
go19Grand Am Police Car
go20Land Rover Discovery Police Car

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