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The Secret of Monkey Island (2/3)

NOTE: This Walkthrough provides a complete guide through Monkey Island. If you do not want to see the entire solution, do not read it. After all, if the only reason you are playing the game is to complete it quickly, why are you playing it at all? Note that the Walkthrough misses out some of the humour in the game, and you may well miss out if you simply follow it through without trying anything different. Enjoy the game!

Section 1 - The Three Trials

When you first arrive on Melee Island, you will have nothing in your inventory. You will probably want to find out why you are here, so go to the Scumm Bar, just at the end of the docks. Talk to the pirate sitting beside the door. He will tell you to talk to the important looking pirates in the next room. You may also want to talk to the one eyed pirate at the middle table, and the "ask me about Loom" pirate near the curtain. After you have finished talking, go to the next room, where the pirates are. Tell them you want to be a pirate. When you are told about the Three Trials, you may want to know more - ask for more detail.

The Three Trials are Treasure Hunting, Swordmastery and Thievery. To pass at Treasure Hunting, you need to:

Wait until the cook leaves the kitchen. Enter the kitchen. Pick up the pot (under table). Pick up the meat. Now, and this is the tricky part, you have to get the fish outside. Step on the loose plank at the opposite end to the seagull. The bird will be catapulted into the air. Quickly, pick up the fish. This may take several attempts. Put the fish in the stew pot, take it out again. You now have a stewed fish. Do the same thing with the meat.

Leave the village, go to the circus tent. Talk to the acrobats. They want you to do a stunt, in return for money. Wear the pot as a helmet. Then go back to the village. Go to the voodoo house. Pick up the rubber chicken and talk to the voodoo lady. Then leave the voodoo house. Talk to the guy on the street corner. He will ask you if you have a cousin named Sven. This is a password. Reply: "No, but I once had a barber named Dominique". Buy a map with your recently acquired money. You can also talk to the pirates. Then, go through the archway. Go to the shop. Buy a shovel and a sword, by picking them up, and talking to the shopkeeper. You can't leave without paying. Also, buy some breath mints. Go to the jail. Talk to the prisoner. Give him the breath mints. Go back to the shop, and try to buy some Rat Poison. the carrot cake. You can then look inside the church and investigate the alley if you wish.

Go to the woods, outside town. You should now discover that the map you bought is, in fact full of dancing lessons. No matter - Guybrush won't go into the woods without them. I won't spoil your fun by telling you the way -just wander around until you find some yellow flowers. Pick some flowers (great pirate practise...). Then wander around some more until you find a large "X" on the ground. There should be a sign pointing to it. Use the shovel on the "X". You now have the Treasure. Go back to the village, and give the Treasure to the pirates. You have now completed the first Trial.

Go to the Governor's Mansion (this is for the Thievery Trial). Use the yellow flowers with the meat. Give the meat to the dogs. Go to the mansion doors and enter. You have to get behind the wall somehow - try opening the door. You do not have all the necessary equipment yet, but you still need to go through this area. You need a file, though, to get the Idol. You will have a load of junk with you, but the only useful item is the Gopher Repellent. Give this to the prisoner in return for his cake. Then open the carrot cake, and get the file. Use the file on the safe, behind the wall, past all the other stuff. You now have the Idol of Many Hands. It is at this point that you are thrown into the sea. Just pick up the Idol and the sword, and use the ladder. Give the Idol to the pirates in the tavern.

Now, you have to complete the final Trial. Go to the bridge. Give the stewed fish to the "troll". Go to the Pirating Instructor's house. Knock on the door. He will say that you "don't have what it takes to be a pirate". Reply "I do so have what it takes to be a pirate". Repeat the above until he lets you in. Let him see your sword, pay him, and start training. He will instruct you on how to fight, using insults. For instance, if your opponent was to say "You fight like a dairy farmer", you would say "How appropriate, you fight like a cow". Now, having learned to use a sword, you need to learn some good insults. You will see fellow travellers on the road. When one passes you, you go to a scene on the road. Challenge the pirate to a duel by saying "My name is Guybrush Threepwood - prepare to die". You will have to learn insults by trial and error. If you force your opponent back, you have given the right insult/answer. You need to win at least three fights before you can challenge the Sword Master. Your opponent will tell you "Wow, you're good enough to fight the Sword Master" when appropriate.

To win fights, just give the most appropriate and witty answer possible. For instance, if your opponent says "I won't take this insolence lying down", you would NOT say " First you'd better stop waving it about like a feather duster". The correct response would, in fact, be "Haemorrhoids flaring up again?". Other examples include:

My handkerchief will wipe up your blood: So you got that job as janitor after all?

People fall at my feet when they see me coming: Even BEFORE they smell your breath?

I got this scar on my face during a mighty struggle: I hope now you've learned to stop picking your nose.

Nobody's ever drawn blood from me and nobody ever will!: You run THAT fast?

Have you stopped wearing diapers yet?: Why, did you want to borrow one?

When you think you are ready, talk to the shopkeeper. Ask him who you can try out your sword on. Follow him. He will go out of the village, and into the woods, past a secret bridge, and into the Sword Master's hut. DON'T lose your way, it is difficult to find your own way back, as you no doubt discovered back in the Treasure Hunting trial. When you find the hut, talk to the Sword Master. Challenge her to a fight. This is the really tricky part. She uses different insults to everyone else, and other people reply "Hey, not fair, you're using the Sword Master's insults!" when you try to use them. Just do as before, use the best reply you can think of. For instance, the reply to "I hope you have a boat ready to escape" would be "Why, did you want to borrow it?".

Note that you can now go directly to the Sword Master's hut from the map, it is the yellow dot in the woods.

When you have beaten the Sword Master, go back to the Scumm Bar. You have now completed the Three Trials....

You will find that the Governor has been kidnapped. Read the note. It confirms what you already knew. Go to the Scumm Bar. Pick up all the mugs, then fill one with grog from the barrel in the kitchen. As quickly as possible, walk towards the jail. When a mug is described as "near death", use it with one of the other mugs. When you reach the jail, use the mug o' grog with the lock. Then talk to Otis. He won't join you yet.

Go to Stan's Used Ships. Talk to Stan about buying a ship. You will need to get credit from the storekeeper in town. Go to the store. Ask about procuring a credit note. You will need to lie about having a job. CAREFULLY observe how the storekeeper opens the safe. It may be a good idea to write down how he does it. Then get him to go after the Swordmaster again. Open the safe. You will have to push or pull the handle in the correct sequence to open it. Pulling turns it anti-clockwise, pushing turns it clockwise. For instance, if the correct sequence was right, left, left, left, right, right, left, you would: pull, push, push, push, pull, pull, push.

Get the credit note inside. If you have opened the safe correctly, you will pick it up automatically. Go back to the shipyard. You will need to tell him that you can live without all the extras. Then pretend to walk away a few times, but no more than 3 times, or he will let you go. Offer 5,000 pieces of eight, and eventually you can buy the ship. You can also investigate the grog machine while you are here.

Now you need to hire crew. Go to Hook Island. Use the pole to climb up to the rope. Now use the rubber-chicken-with-a-pulley-in-the-middle on the rope. Wow, the rubber chicken DOES have a use after all! Enter the house by opening the door.

Talk to Meathook. Tell him that the Governor has been kidnapped. When you have opened the door with the beast inside, and touched it, Meathook will join your crew.

Now go to the Swordmaster's hut. Don't forget you can go straight there now, just click on the yellow dot in the forest. Talk to the Swordmaster, and she will join your crew. Now go back to town. You now have a ship and a crew. You are ready to sail off after the Governor..

Section 2 - The Journey

You will end up in the Captain's Cabin. Open the drawer. Pick up the book. You can read the entries if you wish, otherwise just skip the reading. Now go to the wardrobe. It won't open yet. You need something to open it with. Pick up the feather pen and the ink, then leave.

Use the rope ladder and ascend to the top of the mast. Pick up the Jolly Roger. Then go back down again, and through the hatch. The door next to the ladder is an entry to the ship's galley. Go through it. Pick up the pot on the table, then open the cupboard and take a box of cereal. Open the cereal. Get the plastic toy. Then go back up to the cabin, and open the cabinet with the plastic toy. Pick up the chest, then open it. Get the paper, and cinnamon sticks. Read the piece of paper. This is VERY IMPORTANT. It is the ingredients to the voodoo spell to take you to Monkey Island. The ingredients are:

1 Cinnamon Stick
4 Leaves of Mint
1 Human Skull (pressed)
1 Squirt Squid Ink
2 Pints Monkey Blood
1 Live Chicken
3 Ounces Brimstone
1 or more of the following: Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Zinc Oxide, Yellow 8, Mine Mononitrate, BHA.

Go back to the hatch. Instead of going through the door, go through the second hatch into the hold. Pick up some gunpowder from the kegs on the left. Pick up the giant piece of rope. Then open the chest to the right of the screen, near the empty kegs. It contains some fine wine. Now go back to the galley.

You now have everything you need for the spell. You have the cinnamon sticks, the mint (breath mints), the human skull (Jolly Roger), the squid ink (ink), the monkey blood (wine), the chicken (rubber chicken), the brimstone (gunpowder) and the other stuff (cereal).

Place the correct amount of each thing in the cooking pot. If it says 2 pints, use the wine twice. If it says 4 Leaves, use 4 breath mints.

Then, if it works, you should be at Monkey Island.

Now, you need to get to the coast. Go back to the hold, and get some more gunpowder. Put this in the cannon nozzle. It won't work if you try "use gunpowder in cannon". It must be in the cannon nozzle. Then, go back to the galley and use the feather on the fire. Now, quickly go back up to the deck, and use the rope with the cannon. Now, as quickly as possible, use the flaming mass with the fuse, use the pot and get in the cannon.

Section 3 - Under Monkey Island

Pick up the banana. Then go to the river fork. The river fork is above the map you see at the moment, just walk up to the top of the screen. Pick up the note, and read it if you wish. Then use the ladder in the cliff.

Read the note next to the catapult. Then, pull the catapult twice. Go to the top of the cliff. After you get rid of Herman Toothrot, push the rock near the edge of the cliff. It should hit the banana tree near the beach. You can sink your ship out there in the sea if you want. You get a different ending if you sink it. Just aim the catapult at the ship. If you push it back to its original position, it will hit. You can also try walking off the cliff edge to the right of the screen, next to the rock pile.

Now go back to the beach. Pick up the bananas. Then go to the dry river bed. See the rope in the hanged man's hand? You need this. However, you can't get it yet. Go to the fort near the volcano to the west of the beach where you started. Pick up the rope. Push the cannon, pick up the gunpowder and cannonball. Then pick up the telescope. Herman Toothrot will appear again. Talk to him, then go to the river fork. Open the spyglass. Use the gunpowder on the rocks. Use the spyglass with the sun, when you are standing right next to the gunpowder. Then go back to the dry river bed. Pick up the rope.

Go to the large crack. Use the rope on the branch, then use the other rope on the stump below. Pick up the oars. Now go back to the beach where you started. Use the rowboat to paddle round to the beach on the other side of the Monkey Head on the peninsula which you come across if you paddle north. Then go to the Cannibal village. You will find a note here. Don't bother to read them, they are not very important. In this walkthrough, I won't mention them anymore.

Pick up the bananas in the fruit bowl near the huge stone head. Then try to leave. You will be put in the locked hut by the angry natives. Pick up the skull. You can't escape with the banana picker yet, though. Pull the loose floorboard where the skull used to be. Then escape through it.

Go to the beach again. Row back round to the beach where you started, with the banana tree on it. Then go to the monkey. It is the grey shape moving about near the beach. Give the monkey every banana you have. Then it will follow you. Go to the giant monkey head. Pull the nose of the statue to the left of the gate. It will say "nose" when you move your cursor over it. The monkey will hold on to the nose while you can go through the gate.

Pick up the wimpy little idol. Go back to the beach where you left the rowboat, and row back to the beach near the cannibal village. Walk to the village. When the cannibals ask you for something in return for your freedom, give them the idol. After this, go back to the hut with the banana picker. The hut is now open, so you can enter and collect the picker. When you leave the hut, Herman Toothrot is in the village. Trade the banana picker for his Monkey Head key. Then you can leave the village. Come straight back in and the natives are waiting for you.

Tell them that you are looking for someone. Keep talking until you find out about the navigator's head. They want something in return for it. Look at the leaflet you are carrying. It is called "How to get Ahead in Navigating". Give this to the natives. Only the leaflet will work, not the pamphlet or the brochure.

Now you have the head, and the key to the Monkey Head. Go back to the beach, and row to the beach near the clearing. Go to the monkey head. Use the key in the giant monkey's ear. Then go inside the monkey.

Go to the end of the path. Then enter the cave. Now, this is a tricky part. Use the navigator's head. Walk in the direction it faces. When you get to a path joining the one you are on, stop and let the head decide which way to go. Don't worry if it tells you to go back the way you have just come, or if you come to a dead end, just keep following the head. DO NOT GO ANY OTHER WAY!!!!! You will get lost and it takes forever to find your way out again. Eventually, you will arrive at the ghost ship.

Try walking down to the ship. As you can see, you can't get on board without some form of protection. You have to use the head's necklace. However, the head isn't very pleased about this. Try the following conversation:

(use the necklace)
Head: You can't have it - it's mine.
(talk to the head)
Head: Okay, we're here. Now what do you want?
You: Can I have that necklace?
Head: No, but thanks for asking so politely.
You: Oh, come on, please?
Head: You can beg all you want but you can't have it.
You: Pretty please?
Head: You can beg all you want but you can't have it.
You: Pretty pretty please?
Head: You can beg all you want but you can't have it.
You: Pretty please with sugar on top?
Head: Oh, all right, you big baby. You can have it. Hey, what good's a necklace if you don't have shoulders?

Now use the necklace. You are now invisible to ghosts. Go down to the ship.

Try to open the door to the right. It creaks, so you can't get in. Go through the hatch, and through the door at the far end. Try to pick up a ghost chicken. You now have feather. Use this on the sleeping pirate in the room that you just walked through. It will only work if you position the cursor directly over his feet. Then, pick up the grog.

Go to the door at the other end of the ship. Use the magnetic compass on the key. Leave the room. Go back to the hatch. Walk along until you come to the other hatch. Use the key in this hatch. Then use the grog in the dish. Walk past the rat, and pick up the grease. Go back up on deck. Use the grease on the squeaky door. Get the ghost tools. Go back to the hatch, and walk along until you come to the large chest. Use the ghost tools on the chest. You now have the root!

Leave the ship, and go back into the caves. This time, you go straight to the cannibal village. Once you have the potion, leave the village. You will meet with one of the ghost pirates there. He will tell you about the wedding. Now, what happens next will depend on what you did earlier. If you sunk the ship, Herman Toothrot will arrive, and you will be able to hitch a ride back to Melee Island. If not, your crew will arrive.

Final Section - Guybrush Kicks Butt

You have arrived at the island. You need to get to the church in time to stop the wedding. Go there. You need to use the potion on some of the pirates on the way. Go into the church and stop the wedding.

After you have watched the scene in the church, and finished insulting LeChuck, you will be at Stan's Used Ships. Unfortunately, you will have lost the potion. Pick up the green bottle on the floor. Ignore all the gold lying on the floor - you don't need it. Use the green bottle on LeChuck. You need to do this QUICKLY. Don't worry if you can't get the bottle first time - you will eventually arrive back at the shipyard. Once you have sprayed LeChuck with the root beer, you have completed the game!

Congratulations, you have completed Monkey Island!

- Written by Paul Hatton; HTML version by CEO.

©1996-1998 Sunstorm Systems®. All rights reserved.