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Mechwarrior 2

Cheat Codes
Hold CTRL + ALT + SHIFT while typing these during Simulations:

ciaUnlimited ammo.
coldmiserHeat tracking off.
deiNo idea... "F E I F".
dorcsMeet the DORCS!
enolagayNuke, one time use during simulation.
hangaroundSomething about a blimp. I believe you hang around in the simulation even though the time has ended until you enter this code again.
icanthackitEnd mission.
idkfaDifferent means as icanthackit, but the same result.
lairdoSomething else about a blimp. No idea.
meepmeepTime compression key enabled
unmeepmeepTime compression off.
michelinSee the bounding spheres on debris and mech parts.
mightymouseUnlimited JumpJets.
tinkerbellFree-floating external cameras, press "c" to disable.
tlofrontRear view camera becomes a front view camera.
xrayX-Ray vision. Same as Enhance Imaging, but you can see through walls, mountains, etc. Press "w" once to disable it and remain in Enhanced Imaging Mode.
zmakTime expansion enabled.

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