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Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II by LucasArts


 Cheat Codes
 Level 1 Secrets (Double Cross on Nar Shaddaa)
 Level 2 Secrets (The Lost Disk)
 Level 3 Secrets (The Return Home to Sulon)

Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 is the exciting sequel to Dark Forces. You take the role of Kyle Katarn who is after his father's killer. Along the way you'll learn the ways of the Force and become either a Light or Dark Jedi Knight.

Most levels have a number of secret areas in them containing health, shields, weapons, backpacks and power ups. For each level that you locate every secret, you'll gain one bonus Force Power Star. It is recommended that you first play a level without looking at these locations, and come back later if you can't find them all. These solutions will by no means help you get through the level, but rather aid the experienced player in finding a troublesome location. The secrets are presented in the order of which they will most likely be found. CEO

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