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Duke Nukem 3D by 3D Realms

Cheat Codes
Enter the following codes while playing the game. Codes that are labled "toggle" can be turned on and off by entering them again.

dncornholio or dnkrozToggles God mode, which makes you invulnerable and gives you an unlimited use jetpack.
dnstuffGives you all weapons, powerups and keycards, plus full ammo.
dnweaponsGives you all weapons plus full ammo.
dnitemsGives you all powerups and keycards.
dninventoryGives you all powerups.
dnkeysGives you all keycards.
dnhyperGives you a Steroid power-up.
dnmonstersToggles the presence of monsters.
dncoordsShows you your position coordinates.
dnclipToggles clipping (walk-thru-walls) mode. NOTE: Walking outsides the confines of the level tands to kill you, whether you're in God mode or not.
dnshowmapToggles the display of the entire level map.
dnscotty###Level Warp (in the format 104, which would send you to episode 1, level 04.)
dnskill#Changes the skill level of the current game (where # is the still level).
dnviewToggles view mode (same as F7 key).
dnrateDisplays the frame rate in the upper left hand corner.
dndebugProvides a lot of debugging information, could be useful for hunting down problems.

Useless codes:
dncashmanThrows money around every time you hit the spacebar.
dnallenGives you the message "Buy Major Stryker".
dnbetaGives you the message "Pirates suck!".
dntoddGives you the message "Register Cosmo Today!".

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